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Here are some commonly asked questions about HearWell services
along with some general information on Hearing.

Hearing FAQ’s

My hearing feels muffled, is it earwax?

Earwax in the ear is normal and fights off infection. It only affects your hearing if the build-up becomes excessive so removal of earwax may restore the hearing. Contact HearWell and we can check this for you.

Do I need hearing aids?

The simple answer is until you have a hearing check nobody knows. Sometimes the solution to a hearing problem is not always hearing aids but simply the removal of earwax. With HearWell a hearing check including earwax is free of charge.

I have to put the TV on loud...

Sounds like there is something which needs investigating. People rarely notice themselves & do not want to admit they have a hearing loss at any age as the perception is it is an age-related issue, but it’s not. People of all ages can acquire a hearing loss and it is important to find out irrespective if they decide to wear hearing aids in the future.

Do hearing aids stop Alzheimers?
There are many studies which you can read on the internet reference the link between Alzheimer’s and hearing. One thing that can be said is that many of the issues can be similar, mental tiredness, isolation, withdrawal from social environments, misunderstanding etc.
The link is not proven but hearing aids can help to overcome some situations.
Earwax in the ear is normal and fights off infection. It only affects your hearing if the build-up becomes excessive so removal of earwax may restore the hearing. Contact hearWell and we can check this for you.
I have noises in my ears...
You may have tinnitus which is a sound you can hear with no apparent sound source. The sounds can be individual from a ringing noise to high pitch sounds and other constant or fluctuating sounds.
Some of the causes of the noise can be a blocked ear, a hearing loss, blood pressure, previous employment in loud noise. In the first instance make an appointment to discuss this with your GP. However, we can advise you of what you can do following an appointment with us.


Earwax FAQ’s

Do you have signs of earwax build up?
Some symptoms are a blocked feeling in the ears, poor hearing, sounds are muffled, a pressure in the ears, your own voice is inside your head and noises in the ears are some of the symptoms.
A simple free assessment will confirm what is happening, contact us for a three-minute evaluation.
Which procedure is best?

Before commencing with any procedure we discuss if you have any medical or physical reasons which direct us to the appropriate procedure, micro-suction, irrigation or instrumentation. Sometimes we will use a combination of procedures to remove the earwax.

Does earwax removal hurt?

None of the procedures hurt and sometimes people actually enjoy the removal as the ear canal is an area which is hardly ever touched and some people say it tickles!

Will I need regular appointments?
It is a common thought that if you have earwax removed, that you’ll have to come back all the time. There is no reason why that should be the case and to help HearWell offer a free recall programme to manage your earwax levels.


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