What makes us different?


The HearWell team was formed using thirty six years of experience gained from operating in the NHS Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme for NHS hearing aid audiology and the private retail of hearing aids with leading Hearing Aid companies in the UK.

Friendly, Local Support

Based in Hereford HearWell is able to offer not just hearing aids but all-round hearing healthcare. All-round hearing care is about protecting and enhancing your hearing by offering regular hearing tests, hearing protection and ear protection if you work or play in noisy environments or, have problems with earwax stopping you hear or causing you medical problems like earache and tinnitus (unexplained sounds in the ears).

Home Visits Available

We also offer a Hear at Home service should you be unable to visit our Centre. This service is available upon request when making your appointment.

What do we do?

Hearing Aids

HearWell is not just about offering hearing aids at lower prices than are available on the High Street, and not as some may lead you to believe, at the cost of aftercare and service which is not the case at HearWell. These lower prices are achieved by having partnerships with local healthcare businesses to promote each other services, no high management and marketing costs therefore reduced overall business and service costs. These savings are then passed to you to hear better with the same hearing aids that can cost thousands of pounds more from other companies.

Earwax Removal

Our earwax removal service is available following extensive training by the team at The Rotherham NHS Primary Ear Care and Audiology Service and we offer microsuction, irrigation (commonly known as syringing) and instrumentation techniques. This training involved all aspects of ear care, the health of the ears and protocols to ensure a safe and effective service.

Noise and Ear Protection

It is important to protect your hearing as in most instances once damaged your hearing cannot be naturally restored to normal. HearWell can supply all forms of hearing protection including swim moulds and various noise protectors.

Industrial Testing

Claims for Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is rising against employers and HearWell offers employers an employee hearing test scheme to measure your employees hearing for reference and therefore protect you from future claims. This service is available on site to reduce work place down time.

Want to find out more?

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