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At HearWell we like to think we’re different to other earcare companies, we give friendly advice always in your best interests. That’s why we never charge for a hearing test or have any hidden costs..

Hearing Aids

HearWell is not just about offering hearing aids at lower prices than are available on the High Street, and not as some may lead you to believe, at the cost of aftercare and service which is not the case at HearWell.

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Earwax Removal

Our earwax removal service is available following extensive training by the team at The Rotherham NHS Primary Ear Care and Audiology Service and we offer microsuction, irrigation (commonly known as syringing) and instrumentation techniques.

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Noise & Hearing Protection

It is important to protect your hearing as in most instances once damaged your hearing cannot be naturally restored to normal. HearWell can supply all forms of hearing protection including swim moulds and various noise protectors.

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Industrial Testing

Claims for Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is rising against employers and HearWell offers employers an employee hearing test scheme to measure your employees hearing for reference and therefore protect you from future claims.

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You Can Trust HearWell


Direct Savings

HearWell provides all of the hearing aids from UK based manufacturers at guaranteed prices less than you can purchase on the High Street. HearWell is able to achieve this by forming partnerships with other local healthcare providers in your area and pass the business savings to you.

Transparent Pricing

At HearWell we’re completely transparent with our pricing. We publish pricing unlike many others in the hearing care profession. You can expect recommendations for specific hearing aids based upon your hearing loss, your lifestyle, your ability to operate and control the solution, your cosmetic desires and of course matched to your budget.

For The Future

If a hearing aid is the solution you’ll receive the help and support you need including free long term care, free six monthly check ups and re-programming, up to five years hearing aid warranty, free batteries at every check up, access to all other HearWell services and great offers exclusively for family and friends.