What can you expect from us?

We like to think we’re different to other hearing aid companies. We publish our pricing ahead of your appointment, we give truly free, impartial advice and offer transparency at every stage so you know what to expect.

Transparent Pricing

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Your Free Hearing Test

1: Q&A of your hearing health

A informal chat to ask questions about your hearing health, you can of course ask any questions you have for us at this point

2: Full audiometric evaluation

A full audiometric test to see how well you hear

3: Review of results

We'll show you your results and talk about what is causing the issue

4: Advice

We'll give you some impartial advice as to what's best moving forward

5: Targets for better hearing

We'll agree on some targets to improve your hearing

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Why HearWell?

Direct Savings

HearWell provides all of the hearing aids from UK based manufacturers at guaranteed prices less than you can purchase on the High Street. HearWell is able to achieve this by forming partnerships with other local healthcare providers in your area and pass the business savings to you.

Hearing for the future

If a hearing aid is the solution you’ll receive the help and support you need including free long term care, free six monthly check ups and re-programming, up to five years hearing aid warranty, free batteries at every check up, access to all other HearWell services and great offers exclusively for family and friends.

Clear Pricing

At HearWell we’re completely transparent with our pricing. We publish pricing unlike many others in the hearing care profession. You can expect recommendations for specific hearing aids based upon your hearing loss, your lifestyle, your ability to operate and control the solution, your cosmetic desires and of course matched to your budget.

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