Free, no obligation hearing test

At HearWell we like to think we’re different to other earcare companies, we give friendly advice always in your best interests. That’s why we never charge for a hearing test or have any hidden costs.

Why should I get my hearing tested?

Unnoticed Hearing Loss

As we get older there has been more and more strain on our ears and you may not notice the loss to your hearing. Hearing loss can feel draining and tiring if left untreated so why not check today?

What happens in my hearing test?

1: Q&A of your hearing health

An informal chat to ask questions about your hearing health, you can of course ask any questions you have for us at this point

2: Full audiometric evaluation

A full audiometric hearing test to see how well you hear different tones and at what volume level

3: Review of results

We'll show you your results and talk about what is causing the issue

4: Advice

We'll give you some impartial advice as to what's best moving forward

5: Targets for better hearing

We'll discuss what goals you want to achieve and how we will achieve them based upon your hearing results

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Online Hearing Test Coming Soon

We’re working on an online hearing test so that you can test your hearing in your own home

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