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HearWell offers you the option of all styles of hearing aids, all levels of technology
and from all manufacturers. If you have a preference of looks, performance,colour, style, 
rechargeability and connectivity from whichever manufacturer, we can help.

We like to think we are different from other hearing aid companies because we are truly independent. See our manufacturers page for more information. We offer complete transparency in all we do to provide genuine advice based on our customer’s needs, not price. Our price range for two hearing aids begins at £795 for our Essential life Hearing Aids through to £3995 for our Ultimate Hearing Aids. Below is a little more about our service and savings.


Completely In Ear

In the ear hearing aids fit entirely in your ear and in July 2020 Starkey released a rechargeable option. There are four styles. Invisible in the Canal (IIC)The most discreet of all hearing aids. Completely in the Canal (CIC), In the Canal (ITC) and In The Ear (ITE). Sometimes, but not always the size of the hearing aid may be dictated by the severity of a hearing loss.

Receiver in the Canal (RIC)

The RIC hearing aid fits behind the ear and is very discreet. The actual components are encased in an exceedingly small shell. A micro thin wire follows the contours of the ear down into the ear canal where the receiver fits and delivers the sound directly at the eardrum.

Behind The Ear

These hearing aids can fit hearing losses of all severities and sit behind the ear and have an ear fitting attached which fits in your ear. The sound is analysed and processed in the unit and then sent down the tubing into your ear.


We are now so used to having rechargeable technology that hearing aids have followed the trend. They can be in the style of Receiver in the ear and now In The Ear. So no more battery changing as each charge normally lasts all day.


You can now connect hearing aids directly to phones, music, TV and assistive listening devices like remote microphones. With smartphones you can discreetly control your hearing aids and people around you would not even notice.


We publish our pricing ahead of your appointment, we give truly free, impartial advice and offer transparency
at every stage so you know what to expect.

Prices below reflect the pair Price. 

Essential Hearing Aids

Prices From £795

Advanced Hearing Aids

Prices From £1499

Premium Hearing Aids

Prices From £2195

Ultimate Hearing Aids

Prices From £2895