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Services & Proceedures


Earwax Removal

Our earwax removal service is available following extensive training by the team at The Rotherham NHS Primary Ear Care and Audiology Service. We offer micro-suction, irrigation (syringing) and instrumentation procedures.


Hearing Test

At HearWell we like to think we are different from other hearing care companies. We give friendly advice with your best interests at the forefront, that’s why we never charge people looking for hearing aids from any manufacturer.


Hearing Aids

At HearWell it’s about providing hearing aids at lower prices than can be found at some major chains, at the same time maintaining long-term aftercare, service and support.



Tinnitus can have different forms which you can hear but nobody else can from ringing to high-pitched sounds and even tunes playing. Trained by British Tinnitus Association (BTA), we offer advice and help in understanding tinnitus.


Noise Protection

It is important to protect your hearing as in most instances once damaged your hearing cannot be naturally restored to normal. HearWell can supply all forms of hearing protection.


Workplace Care

Employers should offer all employees a healthy and safe environment to work within and help identify potential health issues. Hearing is a sense which can de damaged by noise and HearWell offers annual hearing assessment at your place of work.