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Brands & Manufacturers

Most hearing aid companies produce a complete range of hearing aids across various levels of technology. The majority of hearing aids can connect remotely to electronic devices to help you hear better in the home and more challenging noisy environments.

Hearing aids are so advanced they can have:

  • Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz connectivity
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Control of performance and sound via Apps on mobile phones and Tablets
  • Connection to T.V.
  • Microphones and even stereos for your music
  • Tinnitus relief programs

Below is a brief description of the major suppliers in the U.K.

You should know the following are owned by the same parent companies.

Sonova owns Phonak and Unitron with a shareholding in Boots Hearingcare

WS Audiology own Widex, Sivantos and retailer bloom hearing™

William Demant own Oticon, Bernafon and retailer Hidden Hearing

Phonak – UK H.O. Warrington, Lancashire

Phonak is a Swiss company and part of Sonova. With over seventy years of hearing aid development and production, they are seen as a leader in hearing aid design and technology.

Typically, Phonak identify their range of hearing aids using numerical numbers 90, 70, 50 and 30, the higher the number the higher level of technology. The current Marvel hearing aid range can connect to mobile phones, T.V.  and other assistive listening devices using Bluetooth technology.

Starkey – U.K. H.O. Stockport

With headquarters in Minnesota, USA. Starkey has a worldwide operation and can boast supplying Presidents Nixon and Reagan with hearing aids.

The Starkey range of hearing aids are identified by a numbering system of 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400. Again, the higher the number the higher the added technology and cost. The Livio Edge hearing aids are it’s most recent addition with a rechargeable in the ear hearing aid.

Oticon and Bernafon – U.K. H.O. Hamilton, Scotland.

Owned by William Demant A/S based near Copenhagen in Denmark. Oticon  have been helping improve peoples hearing for over a hundred years. Not commonly known by end users is Hidden Hearing, the High Street retailer is also owned by William Demant A/S and therefore Oticon products hold a strong position in their portfolio.


The current range of the Opn hearing aids is simply identified with 1,2 or 3 with Opn 1 having the highest level of hearing aids

Resound – U.K. H.O Kidlington, Oxfordshire

The third Danish based manufacturer, again near Copenhagen. Resound is part of the GN (Great Nordic) Group of companies. They offer hearing aids in more than eighty countries and were the first to adapt hearing aids to link to the iPhone.

The technology levels are 9,7,5,4,3 and 2. 9 being hearing aids with the most technology and manipulation of sound to help you hear. The current range is the Linx Quattro offered in all styles of hearing aids.

Widex U.K. H.O. Chester, Cheshire

Again another hearing aid company who’s head office is near Copenhagen in Denmark. In 2019 saw the merger with Sivantos who produce their own hearing aids. Currently the two brands have separate identities, with the overarching company being WS Audiology.

People state that due to Widex unique sound quality it is difficult to move to other brands as they cannot adapt to the change. The retail side of Widex is bloom hearing™  previously Regional Hearing Services Ltd.

The Widex range of hearing aids are listed as 440, 330, 220, 110 again the higher the number the more technology. The two behind the ear models are Passion and Fusion, the Passion is very small and discreet and made for those concerned about how a hearing aid looks.

Unitron – U.K. H.O. Warrington, Lancashire

Even being part of the Sonova group who own Phonak Unitron have their own identity and product line.

The Flex Upgrade is if there are changes to your hearing or lifestyle the software can be modified to match your new hearing needs without the need to change the actual hearing aids. However, there is a charge to this software upgrade.

Model identification are Tempus 800, 700, 600, 500 and Discover 9, 7, 5, 3 the highest number the highest amount of technology.