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Noise Protection

Protect Your Hearing

At HearWell we offer all types of hearing protection. We have available custom shooting plugs, workplace sound plugs, In-Ear-Monitors for musicians and music lovers and communicators for motorsport and security staff.

  • Hearing loss is the effect of the sound level (volume) and the time exposed.
  • Excessive exposure to these loud sounds can be more common than often thought, both at home and during working hours.
  • Common examples of exposure to excessive noise are from industrial machinery, heavy construction equipment and vehicles, power tools, aircraft, gunfire, dental drills, sporting events and fireworks.

Preventing Hearing Loss

The surest method of preventing occupational and recreational deafness is to reduce noise at the source by engineering methods e.g turning the volume down, use of sound-deadening materials. However, in certain workplace conditions, there is very little or nothing one can do to reduce noise at the source. In such places, the wearing of hearing protectors reduces the amount of noise reaching the ears.