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Understanding Tinnitus


Tinnitus can have different forms which you can hear but nobody else can from ringing to high pitch sounds and even tunes playing. Trained by British Tinnitus Association (BTA) we offer advice and help in understanding tinnitus.
Having completed the British Tinnitus Association Advisor course we are able to support you with advice and information on Tinnitus management.

Unfortunately, unless there is a physical cause to your tinnitus e.g. earwax, it is difficult to cure but management and other support is available and we can help you identify what might be appropriate.

People ask will my tinnitus go away? In a lot of cases, this will happen. The tinnitus can be started by health issues, stress-related instances or physical causes which may only be short term. With the right treatment or changes in circumstances, tinnitus may disappear as quickly as it started.

In all instances of tinnitus short or long term seek medical opinion.