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Employers should offer all employees a healthy and safe environment to work within and help identify potential health issues. Hearing is a sense which can be damaged by noise and HearWell offers annual hearing assessment at your place of work.

All employers should offer their employees a healthy and safe environment to work within and provide all appropriate equipment to minimise any risk to employee health. HearWell will come to your premises to reduce employee downtime to complete the assessments. With your employee’s permission, you will receive a copy of the hearing results for your records to reference should there be a need in the future. 


A Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL):
  • Can go unnoticed in its early stages
  • Causes no pain
  • Has no visible scarring or damage
  • Can progressively deteriorate and is slow and non-measurable by the employee
  • Will worsen with each overexposure to noise
Hearing is an important sense that can go hidden for many years and normally identified in the early days by others. HearWell offers hearing screening assessments to employers to record the employees level of hearing to reduce potential future claims of hearing loss caused in the workplace. NIHL can be caused by an excessive one-time exposure or by short bursts of high frequency and high-intensity sounds, known as acoustic shocks. Any exposure to noise levels over 85 decibels can be hazardous.
For obvious reasons, this is a particular problem in many working environments. The longer a person is exposed to a high level of noise the more likely they are to suffer permanent damage. It is possible employees will not recognise deterioration in their hearing until after they have returned from exercise or deployment. At that point symptoms such as the following may become apparent:
  • Struggling to hear conversations
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Turning up the volume on your TV
  • Sounds becoming distorted or muffled
  • Buzzing in one or both ears which is more noticeable at night.
If as an employer, you are unsure of your responsibilities to your employees and the effects of noise in the workplace you can find clear and comprehensive information at the Health and Safety Executive website found here.