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HearWell expands family audiology team

Sep 19, 2019

Established since October 2016 HearWell has seen demand for its comprehensive hearing services increase year on year meaning they have now been joined by audiologist Kieran Williams. Kieran is the son of Clive who founded the centre and he will renew his partnership with Marilyn Cook. Both of whom worked together at bloom hearing for five years before bloom shut its Hereford Centre.

Kieran is an audiologist who has been working in the profession for the last 9 years and is fully qualified and trained to complete all services HearWell offers. He is happy to continue to offer free hearing tests and then recommend all makes of hearing aids. He is also trained in earwax removal and competent to use all removal procedures.

Bloom being owned by Widex, a hearing aid manufacturer, dispense mainly Widex hearing aids. This means Kieran has expert knowledge and experience in programming and servicing of all their products and invites any Widex user to visit HearWell and receive a complimentary hearing test, a free hearing aid service and reprogramming if required.

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HearWell expands family audiology team